‘Rivers Of London’ by Ben Aaronovitch

‘Dresden Crossed With Neverwhere’
Score: 4/5

Ben Aaronovitch

This was added to my to-read pile by SWMBO and I can see why. We both like the Dresden novels, and SWMBO is a big fan of Neil Gaiman, and this book feels like a blend of both. It’s set in London, but not the London as we see it – much like in Neverwhere, there’s a hidden city with its own mythology and characters. And there’s magic aplenty coupled with criminal investigation, much like the earlier Dresden books.

The charm of the book is the setting and the mythology, but I did enjoy it when the writing style occasionally dropped into police-procedural reporting.

Nice book, and very easy to read. SWMBO has already put the next in the series on my to-read pile.

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A 4/5? Cool.

It is slightly odd that I have to come here to find out how you enjoyed books I've recommended.
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