‘Star Wars: Scoundrels’ by Timothy Zahn

‘StarWars Does Ocean’s Eleven’
Score: 3/5

Timothy Zahn

I really liked Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn trilogy so I was hopeful when I saw he had a more recent StarWars book out. I think I’d expected something more StarWars-y though - this book is set in the StarWars universe but there’s nothing about it that couldn’t just be in a general science fiction book. There’s not much use of StarWars here.

This book feels like a heist thriller, an Ocean’s Eleven story (there are even eleven in the gang here) that just happens to be a bit sci-fi. The tools are fancier, the defences to be broken are scarier, but the story is familiar.

There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but choosing to make this a StarWars book with Han Solo in a starring role, just doesn’t seem to gel. The Han Solo here isn’t the Han Solo who shot first, but a more decent, more honourable one. And it doesn’t ring true.

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