‘Star Wars: Thrawn Trilogy’ trilogy by Timothy Zahn

‘How It Could've Been’
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Timothy Zahn
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I first read this trilogy years ago, when it came out. It seemed to rejuvenate the Star Wars franchise - it was a trilogy of films over a decade old when these books were released.

These books became bestsellers, using some familiar characters and settings but also introducing new people, new threats and new aspects of the Force.

I think these books were the sort of thing people wanted when they talked about new Star Wars films.

Timothy Zahn
Out Of Print

And these would have made good films! There are interesting settings, Force battles, Jedi stuff (an awful lot of 'Jedi technique to...') and - most of all - space battles.

More importantly, these books added to the canon of Star Wars without breaking it. There's stuff about the Force, but none of that midichlorian nonsense. These books introduced enough new ideas to greatly add to the 'Expanded Universe' of Star Wars, but they did it in a way that benefitted the whole franchise.

A whole slew of new books came after these, but it was these books I saw as the turning point.

And then, of course, the prequels came along.

These books have stood up well. Some parts of the prequels contradict some things here, but it's rarely a problem (and really, mostly I just ignore the prequels).

It was interesting to hear about sequels to IV, V and VI being made soon. I suspect many (like me) thought they'd draw heavily on this trilogy. It looks like that's not going to happen, which is disappointing. I'd have liked to see these books come to life on the screen.

Ah well. Re-reading them was fun.

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