‘Designing The Internet Of Things’ by Adrian McEwen and Hakim Cassimally

‘Near Future Making Stuff’
Score: 4/5

Adrian McEwen and Hakim Cassimally

This is a fun book that gives a pretty neat overview of the current state of making gadgetry. not the mass-produced gizmos, but the one-offs, the prototypes, the limited-release things – the new wave of connected devices that enhance everyday objects and blend in to the scenery, rather than sticking out like an iMac.

One example (which I love the idea of) is the Good Night Lamp, a lamp that switches on itself and its paired lamp, no matter where in the world the paired lamp is. I think that’s just a lovely idea for travellers and remote family.

The book doesn’t try to be exhaustive about any of the areas, but it does give enough of a flavour that you know some more questions to ask and how to go about finding some of the answers.

The Internet of Things has a big future ahead of it, and some of it is quite scary. I was glad to see a chapter on ethics in the book. I wish some companies out there would read it…

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