“World War Z” by Max Brooks

“Interesting Way Of Storytelling”
Score: 4/5

Max Brooks

I’d only heard of this book because they filmed a bit of it in Glasgow. I’m still not sure which bit of it they filmed there – Glasgow is substituting for Philadelphia, but the scene I’d expected isn’t set in Philadelphia.

Still, I thought this was an interesting book. The tale itself is fascinating, the zombies are thought-out enough, but what set the book apart was the way the story was told. It’s described as an ‘oral history’, so it’s all told via interviews with people.

I’m genuinely curious to see how that translates to the movie.

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Love it

I love this book.

All of Max Brooks' work making zombie satires out of various genres of non-fiction is great, but this book is particularly good. It is actually quite funny in places too.

If you have not read his Survival Guide, then it is highly recommended.
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