“For The Win” by Cory Doctorow

“Unions For Internet Age”
Score: 4/5

Cory Doctorow

This book takes a very pro-union view, and describes how organisation at the low levels of companies can have an important effect and can act to right the wrongs perpetrated by those companies.

The problem I have with that is: each of the abuses that is carried out in the book is illegal. It shouldn’t be necessary for a union (or any form of collective action) to deal with a company that breaks the law. The corruption in this book that prevents legal recourse seems, to me, the crux of the problem. (And yes, I can see some of that happening in the Real World right now too.)

And maybe that’s the point of unions after all, a point I hadn’t really considered. They shouldn’t be necessary at all – they’re there for the times when you don’t have a legal recourse to an illegal action.

You don’t even have to buy this book to read it – you can download the full contents of the book free of charge.

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