“Wolves Eat Dogs” by Martin Cruz Smith

“Reasons To Avoid Ukraine”
Score: 4/5

Martin Cruz Smith

This is the third book I’ve read about Arkady Renko. I’ve no idea how many there actually are – I really should check – but so far they’ve all been pretty enjoyable.

I think that’s because of the alien setting. The first I read was set in Moscow, the second in Cuba and this one in Ukraine. Fascinating places, and vivid enough that they’re quite believable. I’ve no idea how true to life they are though, but ‘Gorky Park’ made me want to go to Moscow and ‘Havana Bay’ left me wanting to visit Cuba. This book left me wanting to avoid Ukraine at all costs…

It’s a good thriller in a great setting, with people dealing with issues you really wouldn’t want to have to deal with. Very enjoyable.

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“Red Square” by Martin Cruz Smith

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