“Talisker” by Miller Lau

“Not Really My Thing”
Score: 2/5

Miller Lau

This really is not my kind of book.  The score is more a reflection of that than the quality of the book.

I didn’t buy this book, it was loaned to me by a friend.  He really liked it, and SWMBO really liked it, but it just didn’t work for me.

I think SWMBO has gone and ordered the rest of the series now, so no doubt they’ll appear some time.  I think I’ll pass.

So, what’s not to like?  It’s hard to put a finger on why it just didn’t work for me.  Partly, I suppose, it’s that it’s based on quite a common plot: regular person in modern world is magically moved to different world/dimension/age where regular person is special.  That covers everything from this book to The Last Starfighter, taking in A Conneticut Yankee In King Arthur’s Court along the way, as well as that half-book The Family Trade.

OK, so it’s been done.  That’s not a big deal – Pratchett has been writing the same book for ages now and it hasn’t done him any harm.  It’s just that it seemed fairly predictable to me, and I didn’t find the trip through the plot that interesting.  Sometimes books can be predictable but still interesting and fun (like Pratchett and the ‘spin’ he says he puts on things).  For me, this book just wasn’t interesting and fun.

But that’s probably just me.

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Good whisy though?
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