"Belfast Confidential" by Colin Bateman

"Belfast, Intrigue And Hangovers"
Score: 4/5

It's fun reading a book set in your own home city.  I suppose it would be fun seeing films set in your own home city too, if the ones set in Belfast weren't usually so depressing.

That's probably why so many films are set in LA and New York, come to think of it.

So, here's a novel set in Belfast.  It has some of the highlights and lowlights of the city included, and it's written by a genuine Norn Ironer, so that gives it a bit more credibility.

And it's fun.  It's a nice enough story (a continuation of the Dan Starkey novels) that features the usual mix of intrigue, pain and hangovers.  There's maybe a bit more depth here than in the earlier books, like Divorcing Jack, but it's still a fairly light read.

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