‘Edge Of Dark’ by Brenda Cooper

‘Different Perspective On Transhumanism’

Score: 5/5

Brenda Cooper
£17.50 (Really? I paid £3.29...)

I’ve read some science fiction about transhumanism but this book had a slightly different take on it. Instead of seeing the process of a society becoming transhuman, this book looks at what could happen if some in society became transhuman and were then banished. What would happen when they came back?

It’s a neat idea, and worth exploring. It’s an interesting setting, with more depth than normal, but it suffers a little from the everywoman lead character feeling a little contemporary. She feels of this current age - 2017 - not the time period she’s from.

There are a few shortcuts like that. It’s almost like the author wrote the book then did a global search replacing ‘coffee’ with ‘stim’. Yeah, it sounds a little fancy at first but when the phrasing and use of the term all suggest coffee it’s a pretty transparent gimmick.

These niggles aside, it is interesting to read and think about.

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