‘Odessa Sea’ by Clive Cussler

‘Too Reliant On Coincidence’

Score: 2/5

Clive Cussler

Things happen in life. In fiction, sometimes weirder things happen. The protagonist is often at the centre of events because, well, otherwise they wouldn’t be the protagonist. Books about people doing nothing don’t often make it far in genres like ‘Adventure Fiction’.

(Side note: I’d never heard of ‘Adventure Fiction’ before seeing it on the cover of this book.)

Some level of coincidence is probably essential. Some types of books are heavier on coincidences. Some take it to levels that stretch credulity.

And then there’s this book.

I’m OK with the hero being involved in the right place at the right time for some international intrigue.

I’m even OK when he also happens to have the boat closest to the action when one of the characters needs rescued. I’m even OK that he was diving from an inflatable in the middle of the sea and that inflatable was the only thing within reach of the action.

I’m not OK when all that action connects from a wreck he dived on to an undiscovered wreck over a thousand miles away that just happens - just happens to be discovered that week. That very same week. It had lain on the ocean floor for a century and it was discovered the very week it became relevant to the plot. And you know who discovered it? The hero’s son and daughter. Who just happened to be exploring in that exact area.

At this point I kinda started treating the book as a comedy.

After all that, it’s just OK. It’s well paced but it’s shallow, superficial.

It’s also, however, only the second book I’ve read that was set in the time I was reading it - this book is set in July 2017. (The other book I read in the period it was set was 1984.)

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