‘The Fix’ by David Baldacci

‘Compelling And Well Paced’

Score: 4/5

David Baldacci

Apparently I’m a problem when it comes to birthday presents. (Old joke: ‘What do you get the man who has everything?’ ‘Penicillin’.)

Lately I’ve asked folks who felt the need to give me something to get me a book that they enjoyed. Not one they think I’ll enjoy, but one they themselves enjoyed. I figure that should keep me a little outside of my bubble, and hey - books are great.

That’s how I got this book.

I probably wouldn’t have bought it. I’m not sure why, but it’s probably seeing this author’s name on shelves next to Dan Brown so often that has put me off.

Now that I’ve read it, I can see the attraction of these books. They’re well paced, action-filled and have a bunch of puzzles throughout. The puzzles seem formulaic though - groundwork is laid by the author, something happens leading to a conclusion, the protagonist says the opposite of what you’re led to believe, the protagonist turns out to be right. I'm still at the stage where it’s a charming formula, rather than a tired one, but I’ve only read one book in this series.

The characters are fuller than I’d expected. There’s no rich, deep analysis of personalities going on but at least they’re more rounded than the paper-thin characters that often appear in action thrillers.

Will I read another one? Maybe. I’ve been given one already, and I suspect I may be given more in future.

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