‘Armada’ by Ernest Cline

‘Fun With Cultural Touchstones’

Score: 5/5

Ernest Cline

I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

OK, I guess it’s a Young Adult novel, and some of the story is quite simplistic because of this. There’s also the occasional deus ex machina where unmentioned features suddenly save the day. And I think somehow a general was promoted to an admiral, which confuses me greatly but if it’s a made-up force I suppose you can get away with that.

All of which misses the point. The whole book is an homage to the culture I grew up with, from Iron Eagle to Galaxians. To playing loud music when you game because the rhythm helps you. To identifying with the lead character in The Last Starfighter and Flight of the Navigator even though you knew it was cheesy. To losing hours (and sleep) because you couldn’t stop playing a game.

Yeah, this brought back a lot of fun memories. Totally worth it just for that.

And then I found out that someone had put together a Spotify playlist of the tracks in the 80s ‘Rock The Arcade’ mix tape in the book! Awesome stuff for rocking out when I’m next in-game. Or something.

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