‘Blacklands’ by Belinda Bauer

‘Nicely Tense Psychological Thriller’

Score: 5/5

Belinda Bauer

I bought this from No Alibis (We have a specialist crime bookstore in Northern Ireland! I’ve never been able to focus on the tag line ‘Northern Ireland's only specialist crime bookstore’ when I’m so glad we actually have a specialist crime bookstore!)

(I feel guilty that I don't go there enough.)

Anyway, we were there between a couple of NI Science Festival events and couldn’t resist a few books. This one I’d never heard of, so it was a bit of an impulse purchase. When I was paying at the till, DT (the shop owner) reassured me it was a really good book, even before I’d said it was an impulse purchase.

And he was right!

It’s not a whodunnit, it’s not a police procedural, it’s not a detective story, but it is a very tense thriller. To say any more could spoil things so all I’ll say is if you get this book you’re in for a treat.

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