‘Date Night On Union Station’ by E. M. Foner

‘Meh. It Was Alright’

Score: 3/5

E. M. Foner

Coming after so many great books this left me more disappointed than I probably should have been with this book. It was OK. It doesn't really have a plausible, richly imagined environment, the aliens aren’t very detailed and the characters are fairly thin. (I was going to say that the aliens weren’t very realistic but that opens up a whole can of worms given that we don’t know if any exist. Maybe ‘plausible’ is a better word?)

But what bothered me was the cover. Who is in the red dress? The author is at pains to point out the main character only has one dress, a black cocktail dress she wears with pumps. This crops up repeatedly. So who is in the red dress? Is it her? If it is it’s never mentioned in the book. Is it someone else? Who? They’re never mentioned either. Is it just lazy art, because a black dress there would be too dull for the cover?

Now that I’ve got that out of my system, I can see that the covers of all the books are the same apart from the dress colour. And none of them are black. So I guess I’m no wiser about the point of the cover or who it’s supposed to be.

I probably won’t bother with more of this series. It was OK, and certainly readable enough, but I have plenty of others in my to-read pile.

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