‘Aliens’ by Jim Al-Khalili

‘Current Thinking On Aliens’

Score: 4/5

Jim Al-Khalili (Editor)

A collection of essays from a wide range of prominent scientists and thinkers. (And Dallas Campbell.) It’s edited by Jim Al-Khalili and it’s another book we bought when he was over for his NI Science Festival talks. Essays cover astronomy, physics, biology, with some stuff that was new to me as well as a few old favourites. It’s not entirely cutting edge (I’m keeping an eye on the news around Tabby’s Star) but it’s quite up to date and interesting.

The cover is a bit lurid and the pages have a green edge, which isn’t too pleasant to read. But one remarkable thing - the pages all have a flip-book animation of an alien landing and taking off. I thought it was cheesy at the start but by the end of the book I’d warmed to the wee character.

I still haven’t warmed to Dallas Campbell though.

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