‘Unhappenings’ by Edward Aubry

‘Paradox Free Time Travel?’

Score: 5/5

Edward Aubry

(Side note: look, I know the last lot of books have all been 5/5. The next few are as well. They've all been remarkably good and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed them. There’s also the inherent bias in that I’ve generally stopped bothering with books I don’t like, so yeah, there’ll be a lot of 4/5s and 5/5s. Still, if your taste matches mine, books with these scores are well worth reading. And if you don’t like seeing so many 5/5s, if you’d prefer I read more piles of wank like ‘Coalescent’, tough!)

Time travel stories must be difficult to write. It’s pretty easy to point out flaws, and most have obvious problems with paradoxes. It’s how they tackle the paradoxes that can be interesting. (And let’s all agree that the Back To The Future fading photograph is a bad approach, yes?)

This book has an interesting take on the paradoxes. I’m not going to go into details (no spoilers!) but I’m heartened that it’s at least addressed.

The story itself is interesting, and the sequences of events in and out of order gives a good perspective for the character.

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