‘The Annihilation Score’ by Charles Stross

‘Excellent Shift Of Viewpoint’

Score: 5/5

Charles Stross

The Laundry series was fun - a bureaucratic civil service department tasked with countering the unspeakably evil magic everywhere and making sure it didn’t become public knowledge. It was maybe showing its age though and getting a little tired.

This book kicks things into a different gear. As well as seeing the beginnings of major changes in the overall story arc (I'm trying hard not to mention anything spoilerific...) this book is told from a different character viewpoint. Instead of Bob being the narrator, it’s Mo.

That one shift leads to a big change in perspective as well as taking the plot in an entirely different direction. My empathy with the character seemed higher (as did the frequency of my saying ‘No, don’t do that...’ to her in my head) and she seemed a more fully-rounded person than Bob.

Fun to read. I’m looking forward to the next instalment now.

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