‘Death’s End’ by Cixin Liu

‘More Big, Big Ideas’

Score: 5/5

Cixin Liu

This book was truly remarkable. It’s one of those books I want to tell everyone who is interested in science fiction to read. If you like the science-heavy (and perhaps character-light) science fiction of Arthur C. Clarke, I think you’ll like this.

You do need to start with The Three Body Problem, then The Dark Forest, but it’s well worth it.

The annoying translator from the first book is back, and he once again feels the need to litter his translation with footnotes. These footnotes really do break the flow of the book. I preferred the second book’s approach - it was translated by someone else.

But even with the annoying and sometimes klunky translation, this is an incredibly thought-provoking book. It’s packed with ideas, including some of the Big Ideas from current science. Some of the ideas are questionable - I did find myself saying ‘If they could do X, why didn’t they do Y...’ a bit - the applications of some technologies seems maybe a bit inconsistent.

Even so, they’re minor quibbles about an enjoyable blast through future possibilities.

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