Iceland Day 4

Another travel day as we headed home to Northern Ireland. The flight was around lunchtime, but that meant it was the kind of day where there’s not enough time to head out and do something before it’s time to head to the airport. It takes a while to get the bus from the hotel to the bus terminal followed by the bus from the bus terminal to the airport.

Icelandic Feetstagram!

So instead we chose to relax, have a leisurely breakfast, one final shot of fish oil (for me – I had one with every breakfast but SWMBO did not partake), then it was time to finish packing, check out and wait for the bus at 10am.

To be taken daily, with breakfast

A minibus goes around stopping at the hotels that have arranged a pick-up, and picks up the people at the agreed time. You’d think this would be easy.

It was easy for nearly everyone. It was just one family that thought the ‘10am’ bit of ‘10am pickup’ was optional. So, our minibus sat outside their hotel, chugging away, for 10 minutes while they got their act together and came out. I guess they were having a leisurely time of it because they weren’t going to the airport, just the bus depot. Missing a flight would only be a problem for us, not for them.

This is why I’m not a good traveller.

Next time I’d be tempted to book a taxi to take us to the airport. It would have been about €100, whereas the bus was €42 for two of us. It would have taken half the time though, and we wouldn’t have had to worry about Other People Making Us Miss Our Flight. One less stress might be worth the extra cost.

As the minibus arrived at the depot, I headed off to check-in for the airport bus while SWMBO got our bags transferred. Teamwork got us ready ahead of everyone else but the bus still had to wait for all the others from our minibus who were delayed by those latecomers. Nice to know it waited though.

And the weather gave us some final tears as we boarded the bus for the airport. The weather was good most of the time, honest! I think I just like rainy photos.

It seemed to rain every time we boarded a bus

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