‘Zero Bugs and Program Faster’ by Kate Thompson

‘Shoulda Read Years Ago’

Score: 5/5

Kate Thompson

This book is filled with the hard-won experience of writing software. I really wish I’d read it when I was starting out programming. The book was only published last year, and I started programming *mumble* decades ago, but so many of the stories have a familiarity to them of things I’ve also gone through or seen others go through.

There are stories about some things that work, as well as some things that don’t. There’s advice on what to do, as well as what not to do. Most importantly there’s advice on what to do when the advice on what to do and what not to do contradicts itself - the nature of software development these days involves dealing with these contradictions acceptably.

But overall it’s a book full of nice, familiar stories and koans that remind me of things I’ve done that I’d do better these days.

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