‘Where Is Everybody?’ by Stephen Webb

‘Is The Answer Here?’
Score: 5/5

The Fermi Paradox, simply stated, says: there are a huge number of stars out there, so many that life must have evolved in more places than just here on Earth. So where are all the aliens?

OK, it’s not a true paradox but the story behind Fermi’s simple ‘Where are they?’ is interesting enough. A lot more people have put a lot of effort into trying to figure out the answer though. Is it that we really are the only life in the universe? Or is there another explanation for why aliens haven’t been in contact?

This book brings together 50 different possible reasons for the apparent discrepancy between the obviousness of alien life existing and equally obvious lack of its visibility. And while they’re not all serious, I did find them all worth thinking about.

It’s a great list of scenarios. The ones I can think of that aren’t on the list are pretty close to listed ones, so you could argue they’re covered and the difference is just in tone.

In any case, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and it certainly made me think. And for another excellent take on the Fermi Paradox, What But Why has you covered.

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