‘Thinking With Type’ by Ellen Lupton

‘More Type/Font Wizardry’
Score: 4/5

Ellen Lupton

Where ‘Just My Type’ covered type and typefaces with a large dose of history, this book aims to be more practical. It does cover a lot about types and typefaces, but it also tries to show how they can be used and – often more important – how they should not be used. The ‘type crimes’ that pop up throughout the book can be funny or cringeworthy.

The book also covers things like padding and margins around paragraphs but (curiously) doesn’t mention anything about spacing between a header and the next paragraph. This sticks out for me because a long time ago I was told that the header should be closer to the paragraph it is heading than it is to the previous paragraph. Seems pretty obvious, but at the time it often wasn’t that clear in browsers. H1s and H2s could seem equidistant from the paragraphs before and after (although I don’t know if this was the browsers themselves or just someone messing with the new-fangled CSS back then).

Anyway, I still prefer having the header closer to the headed paragraph but I’ve no idea whether this is a good thing or if it’ll be a Type Crime in the next edition of this book.

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