‘Just My Type’ by Simon Garfield

‘Nice History Of Typefaces’
Score: 4/5

Simon Garfield

The details of typefaces aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but for some people they are an obsession. Some of those obsessed people are the ones who create new typefaces, so we have plenty to thank them for.

If you’ve ever wanted to know the history of Comic Sans, why there’s a backlash against Arial or if you thought Ikea should have stuck with Futura then this book could well be for you.

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‘Thinking With Type’ by Ellen Lupton

‘More Type/Font Wizardry’Score: 4/5 Thinking with Type Ellen Lupton £14.88 Where ‘Just My Type’ covered type and typefaces with a large dose of history, this book aims to be more practical. It does cover a lot about types and typefaces, but it also ...
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