‘Folk’d’ by Laurence Donaghy

‘Fraction Of A Story’
Score: 2/5
Laurence Donaghy

What do you expect when you buy a book? And what do you expect when it’s part of a trilogy?

I’m old enough for Star Wars to be what comes to mind when I think of a trilogy: three individual stories, each one good, each one complete, with one overall setting and story-arc tying them together.

This book is not like that.

There’s a lot to love about it. It’s a fantasy book set in my native Belfast, it’s fun, and it has the fantastic vernacular of Belfast people down pat. (OK, really that just means there’s a lot of swearing in the book.)

I enjoyed it, right up until I felt cheated.

It’s not that I felt cheated by the ending, it’s that the ending is in a different book. To go back to Star Wars, it’s like the book ends just as Luke and the Rebels take off from Yavin IV to go battle the Death Star. The big scene, the climactic ending of that first story, is still to come. This book just doesn’t feel like a complete story. It feels like a clumsily-edited attempt at a cliffhanger so you’ll buy the next instalment.

Is it broken up this way by accident? Is it because someone felt a single book would be too long for readers these days if it was complete? Or is it just to treat readers as a resource to be harvested – to make readers pay more and more just to finish the story?

I really hope the story wasn’t butchered this way just to make money.

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