‘Elegy Beach’ by Steven R. Boyett

‘A Fitting Follow-Up’
Score: 4/5

Steven R. Boyett

I did enjoy ‘Ariel’ but I wasn’t at all sure what to expect from the follow-up. The author himself said he didn’t really feel like it lent itself to a sequel.

I’m glad he changed his mind though. Much as I enjoyed Ariel, I think this book is better. I felt it a bit more compelling and I felt a bit more in tune with the characters.

The discrepancies between the first and second were annoying though. The author explains why they’re there in the afterword, and I can see his point of view, but I stumbled a bit when I first came across them.

It also suffers a bit from why-don’t-they-just syndrome. There were a few occasions where I thought ‘But why don’t they…?’ and it was never explained why they didn’t. I don’t know if it’s because the author didn’t think of it, or it didn’t fit within his view of that world, or if it had already been explained away and I missed it, or something else.

Even so, it didn’t really detract from the quest nature of the plot, and I did enjoy this book a lot. I wonder if there’ll be any more.

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