Save me from Microsoft

I don't need Microsoft to save me from myself, I need someone to save me from Microsoft.

This was brought home to me once again this week when I put a 'Windows 8.1 with update' on a VM. (Side note: seriously, Microsoft, you are really, really bad at naming things.)

I have the VM on a Linux machine, and my plan was to use Remote Desktop into it from my laptop to do some occasional fiddling with ‘vNext’, the next version of .NET.

Developing on Windows involves a whole lot more rebooting of the machine than I'd like, but it's less of a problem with a fast machine. Except Microsoft have taken the dumb step of preventing you from restarting your machine via Remote Desktop. I guess this is because they don't want you accidentally shutting a remote computer down when you're far from the power button for switching it on again. (No idea why they won't let you reboot it though, unless they're not actually confident it'll come back up...) But I don't need or want that kind of protection, I want it to make common tasks easy.

In previous versions of Windows it was possible, even if (from memory) you had to change some of the security policies to put the Shutdown and Restart options back on the menu button. But now even that's not possible.

Someone has actually had to spend time taking this feature out. It was already in place, along (I think) with the security policy to control it, and they've had to take the time to delete that code. And in doing so, Windows takes another step back.

So I don't need Microsoft protect me from myself here. I'm all growed up now, and if I want to shut the damn thing down it's up to me, not Microsoft. I resent them going out of their way to make this harder. Yes I can just put commands in batch files on the desktop (for this release at least, until they fuck up the desktop some more), but every time I have to use them I'll be thinking again about how Microsoft has gone out of its way to make Windows a bit more hostile.

And yes, that's one of the reasons the VM is on a Linux host.

We don't need Microsoft protecting us from ourselves, we need protecting from Microsoft.

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