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     Web Tools
 - OPML Viewer
 - RSS Viewer
 - ASP.NET Colors
 - Base64 Encode
 - Base64 Decode
 - HTML Encode
 - HTML Decode
 - URL Encode
 - URL Decode
 - Crazy IPs
 - Whois

     Windows Tools

Source code for all these tools is on GitHub.

ADO.NET ConnTest
A simple, free Windows program to test ADO.NET connection strings.

Lines of C#
Ever wanted to know how many lines of C# code are in a file or folder hierarchy?  This free Windows program will tell you.

Free tools to process XML files from the command line.

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  Featured Product
Free tools to process XML.

XmlTools contains 3 command-line tools to help working with XML:
- XmlPatch takes an XML patch file and applies those patches to a destination file - great for deploying into web.configs.
- XmlTransform applies XSL transformations to XML files to generate a new (possibly-XML) file.
- XmlValidate performs schema validation on an XML file against one or more schemas.
XmlTools are GPL'd and completely free for you to use and redistribute. Get them on GitHub now.