by Geoff Taylor
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Windows Tools

Source code for all these tools is on GitHub.

ADO.NET ConnTest A simple, free Windows program to test ADO.NET connection strings.

Lines of C# Ever wanted to know how many lines of C# code are in a file or folder hierarchy?  This free Windows program will tell you.

XmlTools Free tools to process XML files from the command line.

Crazy IP Encoder

What is a Crazy IP?

A Crazy IP is an IP address that’s in the pure numerical format rather than the regular ‘dotted quad’ format. For instance, BBC News’ IP address is in the dotted-quad notation. Based on this, its Crazy IP address is 3560628766.

What use is a Crazy IP?

Crazy IPs can often be used in place of a regular IP address. You can ‘ping’ them, FTP to them, and (if your browser doesn’t block them) browse to them. (Note - these no longer seem to work in Internet Explorer.)

Because of this ability to mask the server address, some dodgy spam and porn sites use this as a way of hiding the real domain serving a URL.

How can I find out the Crazy IP of my server?

Just enter the name or IP address of the server in the field below and press ‘Encode’

How can I find out the real IP address from a Crazy IP address?

Just enter the Crazy IP address in the field below and press ‘Decode’