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Windows Tools

Source code for all these tools is on GitHub.

ADO.NET ConnTest A simple, free Windows program to test ADO.NET connection strings.

Lines of C# Ever wanted to know how many lines of C# code are in a file or folder hierarchy?  This free Windows program will tell you.

XmlTools Free tools to process XML files from the command line.

‘The Seasoned Schemer’ by Daniel P. Friedman and Matthias Felleisen

‘More Brain Twisting Fun’
Score: 4/5

Daniel P. Friedman

This follows on from the earlier book ‘The Little Schemer’, and it’s a similar structure. Fun examples that lead to complete brain meltery. This book tackles things like ‘continuations’, something a lot of programmers these days aren’t that familiar with. It adds an interesting way of tackling problems, and it does need a slightly different way of thinking about things.

Confused Note: I have no idea why Amazon’s listing makes no mention of Matthias Felleisen as co-author.

Other random note: Amazon tells me I bought this book in May 1999. Yes, that’s how long my to-read pile is. 15 years.

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