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Windows Tools

Source code for all these tools is on GitHub.

ADO.NET ConnTest A simple, free Windows program to test ADO.NET connection strings.

Lines of C# Ever wanted to know how many lines of C# code are in a file or folder hierarchy?  This free Windows program will tell you.

XmlTools Free tools to process XML files from the command line.

“God’s War” by Kameron Hurley

“I Enjoyed It. Sortof”
Score: 4/5

Kameron Hurley

I think I enjoyed this book. I’m not sure though. That’s maybe a little strange to say… I did like it, but I felt there was more to it that I just wasn’t getting, that there was a message or allegory in there that was just whizzing by over my head. Maybe there is. I still liked it and the rich world it envisages. Now I’ve found out it’s part of a trilogy I may hunt out the other books…

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